Food, Feminism and Health

Food, Feminism and Health: Research at the Geneva Courtyard Apartments

Food, Feminism and Health

This project has been a collective, semester-long endeavor of our Food, Feminism, and Health class (WMST 305). The course is an upper level seminar and lab course focused on understanding and utilizing feminist research methods in the study of community food security. We are conducting research on the food needs and concerns of community residents of the Geneva Courtyard Apartments, which is operated by the Geneva Housing Authority. Our class has engaged in participant observation, surveying, mapping, and in-depth interviewing with these community members, as well as with those affiliated with the nearby Geneva Boys and Girls Club. Through our research, we have sought to learn about a variety of food-related issues, including food accessibility, eating habits and preferences, perceptions of healthy eating, interest in alternative food systems, and cultural and ethnic culinary differences. The information that we have gathered will serve as a starting place for effectively understanding and responding to the community's food needs that future classes and students at HWS may build upon in order to continue to facilitate food security in the Geneva community.

Community Partners: Geneva Courtyard Apartments, Geneva Housing Authority
Student Researchers: Jessica McCue, Chavon Thomas, Jeremy Ramos, Taryn Little, Jordann Myers, Jill Young, Nora McKay, Abby Blumenthal, Ryan Kincaid, Julia Leavitt
Faculty Adviser: Jessica Hayes-Conroy, Women's Studies Department

Food, Feminism and Health: Research at the Geneva Courtyard Apartments (PDF)

































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