Are HWS Students Prepared for a Life of Engaged Citizenship?

engaged citizenship

Student Researchers: Sarah Burd '11, Millicent Egan '11, Abby Rudman '11, Amanda Slack '11, April Soriano '11
Community Partner: Katie Flowers
Faculty Advisor: Professor Jack Harris

This study examines the relationship between HWS student involvement in CCESL programs and their continued commitment, or lack thereof, to lives of civic engagement. In order to understand the relationship between current student involvement and future civic engagement, we compared the results of the Assessment of Service and Civic Engagement (ASCE), a honor’s project titled “Service Learning and Civic Engagement at Hobart and William Smith Colleges,” and a HWS alumni survey to determine if the services provided by CCESL prepare HWS students for a life of future civic engagement.

































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Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.