Success for Geneva's Children 2009 Data Booklet

Emma Daley

"The Success for Geneva's Children Data Report has already helped bring several million dollars into Geneva by supporting numerous organizations in grant applications. I want to enable organizations to continue using the Data Report in this way, and I hope that with improvements Christina and I make, the report will be even more useful."
- Emma Daley, William Smith '10
Public Policy Major with concentration in Children & Families
Mathematics Minor
Project Adviser: Professor Wes Perkins

What are your goals for the project?  What do you hope to accomplish?

  • Finish the Data Booklet and make it more relevant to the needs of the people in the community. "Because there is such a discrepancy between Geneva and Ontario county, we want to show what's actually happening in Geneva, not just Ontario county. We have been going out to the community partners to find out what troubles they've had in terms of getting grants. We've asked about what statistics they need, if they've ever been denied grants, and why." - Christina Kinnevey

  • Present the data in the booklet in the most effective way for everyone who will use it.

  • A third goal is for the continuation of the booklet in the future. We hope to make it easier for the next person who will be updating the booklet.

  • Learn how to organize massive amounts of information and to be able to communicate more comfortably with people [they do not know], including many community leaders. "In fact, I think this project will help me see community leaders as fellow humans instead of on a superhuman pedestal - not that their work isn't amazing, but that they relate to others in exactly the same way the rest of us do, and their positions of authority do not need to scare us from interacting with them." - Emma Daley

What have you personally learned so far?  How has this project affected you?

Calling up complete strangers isn't the easiest thing to do, especially for a large project like the Success for Geneva's Children 2009 Data Booklet. The responsibilities involved in completing this project requires a lot of organization. And for all of their hard work, Kinnevey and Daley are rewarded with newly acquired skills and personal satisfaction.

"I have gained a better sense of how to interact with community members. Also, I'm more aware of the kind of programs that are out there [in the community], the different needs that they have, and what's currently being done about them. I'm excited to see the final project, to see the new trends - how things changed and why." - Christina Kinnevey

"I am pleased with the opportunity to learn more about the services available to the Geneva community. Working on the Data Report allows me to see Geneva from more angles than ever before, and because of that I am reminded that there is always more than meets the eye. Regardless of the field one works in, it is an important lesson not to prejudge and to always be willing to look deeper and consider new information." - Emma Daley


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