Consultants of Ontario County Veteran Equity


Our research team, “Ontario County Veterans Equity,” or C.O.V.E., has compiled data which demonstrates that veterans in Ontario County have limited access to resources in terms of food, housing and jobs. Our client, The Finger Lakes Addiction Counseling and Referral Agency, or F.L.A.C.R.A., has shared with us that they believe there are enough resources but there is no comprehensive, compiled list of them. C.O.V.E. will compile a resource guide that will be a concise method of organizing resources. We will create a comprehensive resource guide by forming connections with contacts and resources. We hope to show that there are adequate resources for veterans in Ontario County and we hope to compile information that will be beneficial for veterans as they return to or choose to reside in Ontario County.

Anticipated website:
Community Partner: Mary Jo Carbonaro, FLACRA
Student Researchers: Michael Brown, Meagan Coakley, Mary Jameson, Jarrid Fish
Faculty Adviser: Professor Jack Harris, Sociology

Consultants of Ontario County Veteran Equity (PDF)

































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