Enhancing the Yates County Family Planning Services Program

Consulting for R.E.A.L Using sociology to enhance the Yates County Family Planning Services Program

Fredrick Turney

Fredrick Turney, Hobart '10
Sociology Major
American Studies Minor

"R.E.A.L is a component of the Yates County Family Planning Services and is an acronym for "Responsible for Every Action." Their goal is to prevent unintended pregnancy by going into the middle schools and high schools in the local area to teach sexual education and promote sexual health. At the end of each program they have an evaluation form to see what the students learned. It was our job to look at those evaluation forms and make sure they were asking the right questions so we could analyze the data."

What were your goals for the project? What did you hope to accomplish?

We analyzed the evaluation forms to get data that we then graphed to illustrate what we found. We came back with e revised draft with a good evaluation of the feedback. We hope the data we found and organized will help them get a grant they are applying for. With the grant they can expand and therefore improve and it is our hope that our suggestions and findings help them do just that.

What did you personally learn? How has this project affected you?

"I got to see first hand how sociology can be applied and how sociology can work to benefit the community. It was great to take what we learned in class and apply that to the greater Geneva area and to engage in a setting where we got to meet new members of the community. I would encourage this program and take this avenue for academics because students get to learn while helping out and it's a more active way to learn overall. It's a great way to get HWS students out in the community and engaged in the community. I think this project is improving the district and the overall community by helping R.E.A.L expand and be more effective. It was good to play a part in helping them get the grant."
- Fredrick Turney


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