Building Bridges in Geneva

Hillary Anderson, William Smith '10
Psychology and Environmental Studies Double Major

"The project I worked on was in collaboration with Geneva Middle School students. It was part of an education course called Technology and Disability. The main purpose of the project was to help others build a greater understanding of what it means to have a disability as well as build acceptance for others who have disabilities."

What were your goals for the project? What did you hope to accomplish?

  • We wanted to get others to comprehend what having a disability means and then create an acceptance for those who have a disability.
  • In order to accomplish this goal we created a video project that contained the message we were trying to get across to the public-- the Geneva Middle School students wrote a poem about accepting disabilities and difference as part of the video.

What did you personally learn? How has this project affected you?

"I've built a greater understanding of the stark difference between tolerating and accepting disability and difference. It was such a wonderful experience to work with middle school kids and gain a new perspective on the idea of accepting disability and difference. The kids had very insightful and interesting ideas to add to our video project. The greatest part of our project is probably the impact it had on the community by helping the kids create a polished video that carries a very important message. They showed the video to their classmates and families who hopefully gained something from the message as well. Also, I feel as though the group of kids we worked with felt a great sense or personal accomplishment after they viewed the final product of all their hard work." - Hillary Anderson


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