Beyond Sport

Beyond Sport—Sportsmanship: A Story of Community, Companionship and Charity

Akilah Browne

Student Researcher: Akilah Browne, WS’11
Community Partner: Jeff Henderson, Centennial Center Leader in Residence
Faculty Advisor: Professor Leah Shafer

This documentary was produced to highlight one of the treasures of the Finger Lakes. Since July of 2004, thousands of athletes and supporters from over 35 states and several different countries come to Geneva once a year to partake in the Musselman Triathlon. While this documentary highlights the actual race and the weekend of family-friendly events, it sheds light on much more—the coming together of a local and national community. With over 650 local volunteers and over 35 national sponsors, this story goes beyond just sport and athleticism. Through informed interviews and a visual exploration of the race in Seneca Lake State Park and the Finger Lakes region, a story of sportsmanship is told—sport that the whole community can engage in and benefit from.

































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