After-School Programs

After-School Programs: an Analysis of Best Practices and Program Recommendations

Gillian Meade

Student Researchers: Brian Burbank, H’11, Jalisa Whitley, WS’11
Community Partner: Gerald Macaluso, DeSales High School
Faculty Advisor: Professor Jack Harris

DeSales High School (DHS) is a Roman Catholic high school of the Diocese of Rochester which provides students with “a faith-inspired education based on excellence in soul, safety, scholastics and sports.” After meeting with the DHS principal and learning of the interest in developing a DHS/HWS mentoring program, the researchers studied and explored a variety of mentoring programs, surveyed HWS students to determine interest in the proposed program, and interviewed HWS staff members to ascertain capacity for involvement. Researchers developed a 12-week pilot that focuses on preparing DHS students for college and careers and they also investigated the viability and sustainability of the proposed program.

































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