Things to know about service-learning at HWS Colleges

  • Support for service-learning and community based research is coordinated through the Center for Community Engagement & Service-Learning, located on the 2nd floor of Trinity Hall.
    • Mission Statement: The Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning (CCESL) stands for learning through service that produces students who are civically engaged and graduates who are active, global citizens.
    • Vision Statement: CCESL is committed to a sustained, engaged relationship with the community through the Geneva Partnership that promotes positive community change and enhanced student learning.
    • The term “community based learning” encompasses both service-learning and community based research opportunities, share features but also differ in important and nuanced ways

  • We collaborate intentionally and collaboratively with our community partners, striving for reciprocity and shared accountability.
    • CCESL staff will meet with professors to share resources on opportunities for collaboration and provide contact information for community and non-profit agency leaders
    • CCESL staff will offer a student orientation to Geneva and the pedagogy of service-learning, which can supplement the syllabus with the who/what/why of the value of engaging meaningfully and respectfully with community members
    • CCESL staff utilize HWS Collegiate Link to assist with the coordination of service-learning including, transportation/carpooling, volunteer application and related paperwork for host agencies, recording hours, and feedback from community partners on student performance.
    • CCESL staff facilitates the service-learning scorecard at the conclusion of each semester to gather feedback from students on their experience with service-learning; course-specific feedback is shared with the instructor only.
    • We can recruit, train, and support a service-learning colleague (student leadership position) to assist with in class discussion, site visits, and distribution/collection of important paperwork

  • Good to know!
    • Service-learning classes have a “SLC” designation in the course catalogue, which also appears on student transcripts.
    • Approximately 20% of our students are enrolled in at least one SLC annually, and work with community partners.
    • CCESL’s “faculty service-learning resource” page has links to sample syllabi, reflection exercises, assessment strategies, and a link to our Center’s resources which are available for lending

  • CCESL Director Katie Flowers and CCESL Adviser/Faculty Liaison Margueritte Murphy co-facilitate the Service-Learning Advisory Council, a steering committee consisting of faculty, staff, students, and community partners that meets monthly. Katie Flowers also facilitates the Community Advisory Council which strives to maintain healthy communication between HWS and community members who host students for volunteer and service-learning opportunities.


Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning
Trinity Hall
Geneva, NY 14456

Phone: (315) 781-3825


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