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The 2018 conference of the SATOR (Société d’analyse de la topique romanesque will take place at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, in Geneva, New York. The conference theme will be Eating and Drinking in Narrative Fictions.

From the political space (fair trade movement) to the social space (food justice,) the contemporary discourse of Food Studies affords a new interrogation of the world that is slowing gaining recognition in the university arena where it is organically situated in multi-disciplinary explorations and conversations between domains as varied as Anthropology, Economics, History, Literature, Oenology, Chemistry, Philosophy... The SATOR thus invites scholars to a multidisciplinary dialogue around the literary motif of Eating and Drinking. How, and in which ways does literature reflect the vital importance of Eating and Drinking? What space and what function are occupied by food and drink in narrative literature? Beyond Rabelais’ Pantagruel feasting and Proust’s little madeleine, how are Eating and drinking represented in narrative literature?

Bearing in mind the objectives of the SATOR optics, we propose avenues of reflection, which may remain within the Society’s traditional limits (literary narrative fictions from the Middle-Ages to 1800,) or may extend toward previous or subsequent periods, as well as toward intermediary perspectives. We welcome analysis of discourses on food in all disciplines:

Establishment of narrative or discursive topoï linked to Eating and Drinking
Description and analysis of these topoï
Narrative configurations of these topoï
Evolution of these topoï within a work, an author, a period, a particular genre
Relationship of these topoï within thenarrative apparatus
Symbolic value of topoï
Gourmand literature
Gastronomic discourse: Hedonism linked to Drinking and Eating in narrative discourse
Metaphors of Eating and Drinking
Sociability around Eating and Drinking
Tastes, and distastes
Literatures and gastronomy: reading pleasure, table pleasure
Eating and Drinking as ways of knowing
Food education
Gustatory nostalgias
The Raw and the Cooked
Desire and appetite
Words and dishes
Food and writing
Hunger, thirst, and desires

Hobart and William Smith Colleges are located at the heart of an important agricultural region, also the second wine producing area in the United States. This area is witnessing a renewal associated with essential ecological values and the global “slow food” movement. It is quite fitting that HWS host a conference where an interdisciplinary reflection on eating and drinking is the subject of reflection.

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Proposals for 20 minutes papers or presentations in English or in French, will include: (a) Name of participant(s,) (b) Affiliation, if any, (c) Title of paper, , (d) Contact information, (e) A 250 words summary.

Proposals are to be sent to Catherine Gallouët ( before March 1st, 2018. Paper selection will be announced no later than April 15. 

They will be evaluated by the scientific committee that includes the following members:

The authors will receive the proposal acceptance no later than April 15, 2018. To participate in the conference, membership in SATOR is required Please note that registration, travel and housing costs are not covered by the organizers.

Conference Committee at Hobart and William Smith Colleges :


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