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The Hobart and William Smith Colleges' Honors Program makes possible the most sustained and sophisticated work available in the Colleges' curriculum.

Most or all of the work associated with an Honors project is done in the senior year, though it may be begun earlier, and culminates in a research or critical paper or its counterpart in the creative arts.

Matthew P. Hursh '12 - "Affirmative Action: Examining Its Validity in American Society"
Adviser: Craig Rimmerman, 2011-12

Ross W. Green '09 - "Health Care Trauma: Can we Solve the Health Care Crisis?"
Adviser: Craig Rimmerman, 2008-09

Kathleen Kohl '08 - "Ethics and Policy in Long Term Care: What Does Justice Require?"
Adviser: Steven Lee, 2008

James Mulligan '07 - "Rethinking the War on Drugs: Toward a Public Health Model for Drug Policy"
Advsier: Craig Rimmerman, 2007

Peter Jamie Smith '06 - "A Critical Analysis of the Larger Lesbian and Gay Social Movement: Strategies for Success"
Adviser: Craig Rimmerman, 2006

Jeremy Cooney '04 - "Education Vouchers and the School Choice Movement in America"
Adviser: Cynthia Sutton, 2004

Student Awards

Jane Erickson

Austin Kana '09 - Environmental Protection Agency Greater Research Opportunities Undergraduate Fellowship

Joshua Parks '09 - 2008 Charles H. Salisbury Summer International Internship Stipend

Fulbright Awards

The Fulbright exchange program was established in 1946 to build joint understanding between the people of the United States and other nations of the world.

Fulbright recipients are selected based on academic and professional achievements as well as their demonstrated leadership potential.

Jane Erickson '07 - Fulbright Award in Indonesia for 2007-08 year

Christina Bain '08 - Fulbright Award in Vietnam for 2008-09 year


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