Whether it's interning in London, studying in Spain or doing research in Germany, most Hobart and William Smith students will have had some kind of international learning experience before they graduate.

With some planning, psychology majors can travel abroad and still graduate on time. In recent years, psychology students have studied in Ecuador, Peru, New Zealand, Denmark, Hong Kong, London, Argentina, the Netherlands, Wales, and more. Talk to your adviser about studying psychology abroad.

Auckland, New Zealand

Hobart and William Smith Colleges offer a program in Auckland, New Zealand in cooperation with the University of Auckland. The program is designed to be of particular relevance to students interested in the field of education and will offer the opportunity for those students needing a practice teaching assignment as part of their education studies to pursue a field placement in a local school.

Carmarthen, Wales

As part of the Wales program, students will have the opportunity to live and take classes alongside Welsh and international classmates. To facilitate engagement with the local community, all students must participate in an academic or extracurricular immersion experience; this may include a credit-bearing internship, a school practicum, or a service-learning project.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hobart and William Smith Colleges have affiliated with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) to offer an off-campus program in Copenhagen, capital of the oldest kingdom in the world and one of the most socially progressive countries in Europe. At DIS students can take classes (over 100 courses are offered) taught in English by an outstanding group of faculty and can participate in study tours to other European countries (Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, and other parts of Northern Europe and Scandinavia).

Ecuador and Peru

During the program in Quito, Ecuador and Cuzco, Peru participants will be immersed in the dramatic geography and rich history of the Andes, and in the culture of two of Latin America's most intriguing societies. Students will analyze critical historical and contemporary issues through coursework and a series of related excursions.

Lingnan, Hong Kong

The Lingnan University exchange program seeks to provide students with quality education distinguished by the best liberal arts traditions from both East and West. It adopts a whole-person approach to education, teaching students to think, judge, care and act responsibly in the constantly changing circumstances of life in Hong Kong, the region and the world. The university is officially "bilingual" with the majority of classes offered in English to both its international and Chinese students.

London, England

The program in London is one of the oldest international programs sponsored by the Colleges. It is offered in collaboration with The Foundation for International Education (FIE), our on-site partner, and is designed to provide students with a variety of academic and cultural experiences in one of the world's leading cities. The centerpiece of this program is an internship with a local business, agency or organization.

Maastricht, Netherlands

Hobart and William Smith Colleges maintain an affiliation with the University College Maastricht (UCM), a small, international undergraduate division within the larger Universiteit Maastricht (UM), which boasts a student population of 15,000. Founded in 2002 as one of the first liberal arts honors programs in the Netherlands, the UCM program offers highly qualified HWS students the opportunity to study (in English) alongside Dutch and international classmates in a rigorous, highly interactive learning environment.

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, a provincial capital of approximately one million people, gives students a chance to fully immerse themselves in Argentine life. Long renowned for its world-class wines, Mendoza has become the center of Argentina's wine industry, and because of its proximity to the mountains, a center for adventure tourism. A friendly city with sunny skies, a dry desert climate and broad sycamore-lined streets, much of Mendocino life is lived outdoors in plazas, parks and sidewalk caf├ęs, where students have many opportunities for meeting and getting to know Argentines.



At HWS, students have the freedom to study at any of our Global Education destinations.

The featured abroad programs are recommended by the Psychology department based on content of the curricula.


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