Student Projects

Physics Students

Encouraging and enabling student achievements is one of our primary goals at HWS. In the Physics Department, our students have opportunities to engage in Honors projects and independent studies both of which require students to actively engage in research.

  • Laura Beckwith used Java to develop a variety of computer simulations in physics, including using thermodynamics to alphabetize a list of words, in an independent study project.

  • Jamie Brown and Erik Russell explored intricacies of general relativity, gauge theories and differential geometry in an independent study course.

  • Andy Dougherty worked with lasers and succeeded in making and developing his own holograms.

  • David Fan combined both of his majors, physics and environmental studies, in a research project on radioactivity in the natural environment.

  • Jack Harwich completed a senior Honors project on simulated annealing. Through computer experimentation, he determined how quickly the temperature of a system can be lowered while still getting it to freeze in an organized pattern.

  • John Rogers published an original research paper titled "Quantum Mechanics with Explicit Time Dependence" in the internationally recognized journal Physics Letters A.


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