Student Awards

Albert Holland Prize for Public Presentations of Physics

The annual Albert Holland Prize is awarded to the winner of a competition for the best public presentation in physics by a Hobart or William Smith student. Students present a short 15-minute talk on a standard result in physics. They are judged based on the quality of their scientific content and the quality of their rhetorical skill. The winner receives a $500 prize.

The competition is always judged by three faculty members - one from the physics department, one from the English department, and one from another department.

Albert Edward Holland, for whom the prize is named, was president of the Colleges from 1966 to 1968. He was known for his vision, honesty, integrity and his remarkable skills in public presentation. He received a letter of commendation from the U.S. government for employing those skills in helping to save those imprisoned with him in a Japanese prison camp in the Philippines during World War II. While president of the Colleges, he was responsible for the establishment of Geneva Scholars Associates, which provides scholarship aid to students from the Geneva area.

Past winners:

  • Katelyn Zatwarnicki (2009)
  • Nicholas Baranco '08 (2008)
  • Harris Goldman '08 (2007)
  • Yim Ling Cheng '07 (2006)
  • David Niedzwiecki (2005)
  • Pria Young '06 (2004)
  • Derrick Moore '05 (2003)
  • Julia James '04 (2002)
  • Kristin Schram '03 (2001)
  • Gregory Baker '00 (2000)
  • Gregory Baker '00 (1999)
  • Maren Grazzini '98 (1998)

Other Awards

Two awards are presented annually on both Charter Day and at the Ben Hale Dinner; the Outstanding Physics Major Prize ($100 is given), and the Physics Prize for First Year Students (a book is given).



Interested students should contact any faculty member in the Physics Department.



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