Middle Eastern Studies

Beyond HWS

Many recent graduates whose studies have focused on the Middle East have chosen to pursue advocacy-oriented careers in non-governmental and service organizations, like:

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Peace Corps
Project on Middle East Democracy
Teach for America

Others have gone on to graduate programs in law, public policy, and international affairs, at institutions like:

Georgetown University
Tulane Law School
Suffolk Law School

More Alum News

Andrew Mahoney '11 in front of the
Al-Amin Mosque in central Beirut,
near the Carnegie offices.

Andrew Mahoney '11 currently works as a research intern at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's Beirut office, helping to prepare the think tank's policy papers on developments throughout the region. At HWS, he did an individual major in Political Economy of the Middle East, and worked at the Project on Middle East Democracy in Washington, D.C., before going to Beirut. Mahoney also studied in Amman, Jordan, and in the Colleges' Arabic program.



Alli McCracken '10

Political Science and Religious Studies double major; Middle Eastern Studies minor

Alli McCracken '10

"Right now, I am working as the Washington, D.C. office coordinator at an anti-war NGO called CODEPINK. I started as an intern in January 2011 and after a couple of months I was offered a full-time position. At CODEPINK. We do a lot of mobilizing and advocacy work around ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and putting an end to the drone attacks in those places as well as Pakistan and Libya. We are also heavily involved in the Palestine/Israel issue, working with groups from both territories to achieve a just and sustainable solution."


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