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Amman, Jordan

Whether it's interning in London, studying in Spain or doing research in Germany, most Hobart and William Smith students will have had some kind of international learning experience before they graduate.

With some planning, Men's Studies students can travel abroad and still graduate on time. While the Center for Global Education offers abroad programs on six continents, faculty from the Men's Studies department sponsor programs in Jordan and Vietnam.

Amman, Jordan

As part of the Jordan program, students will have the opportunity to explore gender relations and other aspects of Middle Eastern culture through an affiliation with the School for International Training, an organization that has successfully placed U.S. students in rigorous programs for decades. In addition, this program offers the unique opportunity of a four-week long independ-ent study project in the city in consultation with SIT and HWS faculty.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Spending a semester in the capital city of Hanoi, the Vietnam program focuses on the study of social science and gender relations. Students begin their semester with intensive language classes through Vietnamese Language Studies in Ho Chi Minh City, and go on to study at the Vietnam National University of Hanoi, where they also reside for the semester. This program also requires an internship or independent study.



At HWS, students have the freedom to study at any of our Global Education destinations.

The featured abroad programs are recommended by the Men's Studies department based on content of the curricula.


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