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The Men’s Studies Program offers a minor that involves an intellectually rigorous and coherent exploration of men’s identity and experience, and of masculinity itself. While the subject of the minor is men, all students, however gender identified, are strongly encouraged to pursue course work in this interdisciplinary field of study.

The minor is structured with an introduction to the field of Men’s Studies through a close-up look at the lives of college men. It then offers additional course work in the history and sociology of men’s experience, gender and sexuality as organizing categories of men’s identity and experience, and theory, including a Senior Capstone course requirement-- Theories of Masculinity. The minor also addresses method, including ways of knowing and learning about these matters.


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Requirements for the Minor

interdisciplinary, 6 courses

MNST 101 College Men: Campus Life and the Quest for Manhood;
BIDS 245 Men and Masculinity 
MNST 301 Theories of Masculinity
ELECTIVES Three elective courses-- one each from the following three fields listed below: LGBT or related fields, Gender, and Theory.   


MNST 101 College Men: Campus Life and the Quest for Manhood


This course looks at the gendered lives of college men as they experience campus life in their quest for manhood. It fulfills the introductory level requirement for the Men’s Studies minor. Men’s Studies is an interdisciplinary field concerned with men’s identity and experience and the social construction of masculinity. In that context, college occupies the critical social and developmental space between boyhood and manhood for many men. College, then, is both a site of learning and a site of gender formation.

BIDS 245 Men and Masculinity


How is Masculinity problematic - for both men and women? You'll study masculinity in American society and its many incarnations through race, ethnicity, and sexuality. Through discussion, you'll come to a deeper understanding of men as men, or perhaps even re-think the male experience completely.

MNST 301 Theories of Masculinity


This course is a Men’s Studies Senior Seminar/Capstone that looks at several theories, or general explanations, of men’s identity and experience and masculinity itself across multiple methodologies, ideologies, and schools of thought. It is centered upon the three major ideological critiques of contemporary masculinity—conservative/traditional, feminist, and mythopoetic— but encompasses important writings of several authors who theorize masculinity from a variety of perspectives.



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