Media and Society


Below are examples of Media and Society student projects.

Cinemagraphs from Professor Jimenez's class (MDSC 206):

A short documentary by former student, Lucia Berliner:

A short animation film from Professor Zulkarnain's class on Global Animation (MDSC 103):

Description: In this final project, you will work with three other group members to produce an approximately 3-minute stop-motion animation created with one of the applications that you have learned from the software training workshop. Your animation will highlight and/or respond to the topic that you choose for this project, which is based on the list of topics in global animation that we discuss in class throughout the semester. (The student group's focus here is women animator and feminine aesthetics).

The design and form of your stop-motion animation are up to you. However, you must work to:

  • Present a clear response and connection to the topic your group has selected
  • Utilize an effective method for presenting your response visually as a stop-motion animation


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