LGBT Studies

Beyond HWS

LGBT Studies graduates have gone on to pursue careers and graduate degrees in several fields. Below is a sample of some of the companies and schools our graduates have gone on to:

Companies and Graduate Schools:
Dennis Yarmouth Regional School District
Teach for America
Peace Corps
Rochester Institute of Technology



Alex Bryce '09

Mathematics Major; Aesthetics and LGBT Studies double minor

Alex Bryce '09

"The intensive mathematical background I obtained at HWS enabled me to tutor deaf students in discrete math, calculus, and differential equations. I’m able to provide a different perspective on many topics because my education was more interdisciplinary than the curriculum of my graduate program at RIT. The aesthetics and LGBT studies minors help me connect with a wide variety of students in all fields, by giving me a better understanding and appreciation for the non-science aspects of our world, from the arts to the sociological problems of sex and gender in our society."

Kathy Collins '09

English major; LGBT Studies and Peer Education in Human Relations double minor

Kathy Collins '09

"My HWS education gave me a real passion to fight for social justice and human rights and to be active in my community. Most of the work I’ve done since graduating has involved me in the community, providing education and awareness. Currently, I’m a consultant at Geneva Middle School’s Anti-Bullying Program, helping to create and teach lessons on anti-bullying."


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