Centennial Scholars

What is it?

The Centennial Scholars program is designed to support incoming students who have demonstrated a commitment to leadership and growth through their experiences in high school and home communities. Each Centennial Scholar arrives on campus already a part of a cohort of students and will spend the next four years continuing their journey of developing into ethical, inclusive and value-based leaders.

How does it work?

During the first semester, the Centennial Scholars will spend time with their cohort building community, developing leadership, and receiving mentorship from second year scholars. After completion of the first semester, Centennial Scholars may begin their coursework in the HWS Leads certificate program or elect to participate in other Centennial Center programs such as Hackathon, IdeaLab, or The Pitch. Scholars will have the flexibility to complete the program at their own pace to accommodate for study abroad, extracurricular commitments, leadership roles on campus, etc.

Who is eligible?

HWS funded scholarships recognize outstanding academic and personal achievement gained through hard-work and commitment.

Awarded to academically high achieving students that are leaders in their communities, demonstrate strong problem solving skills, and may be great candidates for leadership programs in the Centennial Center at HWS. The Centennial scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the Admissions staff. Last year, a typical Centennial scholarship awarded student was above a 3.5 GPA or equivalent without test scores submitted, or scored a 1320 SAT or 29 ACT or above.

What will students learn?

Centennial Scholars are immersed in a leadership program focused on allowing students to explore in-depth the complexities of leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Guided by the Centennial Center’s signature model of leading self, leading others, and leadership in action students will develop competencies geared for creative problem solving, effective communication and ethical decision-making, to name a few.

How do students apply?

Students are required to express their interest on the Common Application and interview with the Office of Admissions. More information is available on the Merit Scholarships page.


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