HWS Youth Leadership College (YLC)

The Youth Leadership College has been part of the Centennial Center since 2012. Originally developed by Caroline Dosky ’12 MAT ’13, YLC serves as part of the Centennial Center’s commitment to Geneva 2020 efforts to "advance the Geneva schools and build a stronger community."

YLC offers an accessible curriculum that challenges young students from the Geneva community to explore leadership in unique ways. Each semester, YLC coordinators lead and teach workshop sessions for 30 second graders from West Street School. Coordinators are given the agency to develop their own curriculum or use the preexisting curriculum from sessions past to empower elementary school children to sharpen their leadership skills.

What is it?

The Youth Leadership College is delivered in a series of three sessions. Based on the Centennial Center’s signature model: leading self, leading others and leadership in action. Each of the sessions offers activities involving reflection, interaction and collaboration.

How does it work?

Often, leadership development skills are not concepts students begin grappling with until they reach college. With YLC, however, those skills are made available and within reach to students as early as second grade. YLC coordinators work closely with teachers and administration in the Geneva City School District to develop lesson plans and facilitate sessions that provide second graders with the leadership tools necessary to create a positive change in the Geneva community.

What will students learn?

YLC coordinators can expect to learn how to develop interactive lesson plans, facilitation skills for a diverse audience, and develop their interpersonal leadership skills. YLC participants can expect to gain a basic understanding of leading self, leading others, and leadership in action.

Who is eligible?

For the position of student coordinators for YLC, any current HWS student can apply. HWS Leads students are given priority as this position can serve as their practicum requirement. Geneva participants are selected by West Street School. Interested students or members of the Geneva community can e-mail the Centennial Center at for more information.


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