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HWS Youth Leadership College (YLC)

The HWS Youth Leadership College (YLC) is a curriculum originally designed by Caroline Dosky '12, MAT '13 for the second grade Student Council at West Street School in Geneva, New York. The curriculum follows the Centennial Center's signature model of Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leadership in Action. Within the sessions, students have articulated what they believe about leadership through "I Believe" statements, constructed Action Plans to solve a community problem that they want to change, in addition to participating in community service in the local area. The goal of the curriculum is to redefine how students think about the field of leadership. As part of this overarching goal, it is critical for students to understand that they can be leaders too. Before graduating, Dosky trained current HWS Leads student in her curriculum and they will continue YLC next year.



603 South Main Street
Geneva, NY 14456

Phone: (315) 781-4550
E-Mail: Leadership@hws.edu