Leadership Applied Essentials

Leadership Applied

What is it?

Leadership Applied Essentials is a leadership training experience. This allows students the flexibility to complete one of the HWS Leads requirements over one academic year by accumulating points earned by attending a series of core workshops complemented by trainings, speakers and programs offered by the Centennial Center. These opportunities are specifically designed to assist students in making connections between theories and concepts learned in other Reader's College courses and applied leadership experiences.

How does it work?

Leadership Applied is one of the five requirements of the Leads Certificate Program. Once students complete the Leadership Theory I Reader's College they can complete Leadership Applied whenever they choose. This allows flexibility to accommodate for study abroad, extracurricular commitments, etc. In order to satisfy the Leadership Applied requirement for the HWS Leads Certificate students must receive 10 points by attending offered workshops, speakers, and/or Centennial Center programs.

  • Leadership Applied Essentials: Core Curriculum
    Students will attend each of the Core Workshops to collect five points. The Core workshops are offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters.
    • Creating & Leading High-Performance Teams
    • Building Relationships & Growing Community for Leaders
    • Leading Effective Organizations
    • Leveraging Your Leadership & Creating Your Brand
    • Leading Across Cultures
  • Leadership Applied Essentials: Specialized Content Areas
    In addition to the five points required through the Core Curriculum, students will have the autonomy to craft the remainder of their Leadership Applied Essentials experience by attending specialized workshops, programs, and speakers through the Centennial Center. Key content areas the Centennial Center covers include:
    • Engaging in Activism & Social Justice
    • Idea Generation
    • Creativity & Innovation
    • Envisioning & Creating Change
    • Strategic Management
    • Pitching & Presenting
    • Startup Proposal Process
    • Alumni Mentorship

To see other requirements and descriptions of the HWS Leads Certificate Program please visit our HWS Leads website.

Leadership Applied

Who is eligible?

Although Leadership Applied is a main requirement for the HWS Leads Certificate Program, all students of any major are invited to attend workshops and training sessions offered by the Centennial Center. We also invite faculty and community members to attend any or all Leadership Applied events and workshops.


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