What is it?

Fieldwork is designed to be the certificate’s capstone experience. During this time, students will have the opportunity to practice and develop the theories and skills they have learned throughout their time in the Leads Certificate program, through a structured experience. Fieldwork will be focused in a particular area that meets the student’s interests and professional development goals. Fieldwork can be a community placement or internship, approved on-campus leadership role, or academic research.

How does it work?

Prior to enrolling in Fieldwork, students will meet with a Centennial Center staff member to discuss Fieldwork opportunities. After this advising session, students must complete an action plan that details their field work experience, goals, and intended outcomes. Students will identify and partner with a Fieldwork Supervisor for their project in addition to receiving regular support from a Centennial Center Fieldwork Advisor. Fieldwork requires that students submit a leadership proposal and complete up to 45 hours of research during the course of a semester or academic year through internships, community placements, on-campus leadership roles, or academic research. Students will compile their certificate work into an uniquely designed e-Portfolio to showcase their most prominent reflections, experiences and understandings around leadership. This allows students to present their leadership work and articulate important learning milestones experienced during the certificate program as well as throughout their time at HWS.


Who can participate?

Fieldwork is one of the five requirements of the Leads Certificate Program. Once students complete the Leadership Theory I Reader’s College they are able to complete their fieldwork whenever they choose. This allows flexibility to accommodate for study abroad, extracurricular commitments, etc.

What will students learn?

The HWS Leads program is designed to purposefully guide students in the study of leadership as well as offer the opportunity to develop as a leader through academic enrichment and applied learning. This program provides the foundation for students to embark upon, or continue, their journey of developing into ethical, inclusive and value-based leaders. To see what other students have completed for their fieldwork experience please visit our E-Portfolio website.


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