HWS Leads

What is it?

The HWS Leads program is designed to purposefully guide students in the study of leadership as well as offer the opportunity to develop as a leader through academic enrichment and applied learning. This program provides the foundation for students to embark upon, or continue, their journey of developing into ethical, inclusive and value-based leaders.

How does it work?

The HWS Leads program encompasses five requirements: Leadership Theory I, Leadership Theory II, Public Speaking Reader’s Colleges, as well as a Leadership Practicum project and e-Portfolio. Once students complete the Leadership Theory I Reader’s College they are able to complete the rest of the requirements in whatever order they choose. This allows flexibility to accommodate for study abroad, extracurricular commitments etc.

Who is eligible?

All HWS students are eligible to apply. We encourage students to apply during their First or Sophomore year, however upperclassmen are also able to apply.

What will students learn?

HWS Leads is a leadership studies program focused on allowing students to explore in-depth the complexities of community, global, and entrepreneurial leadership. Guided by the Centennial Center’s signature model of leading self, leading others, and leadership in action students will develop competencies geared for creative problem solving, effective communication and ethical decision –making, to name a few.

How do students apply?

The Centennial Center recruits a new cohort of HWS Leads students each semester. Applications are typically made available in the second month of the semester. E-mail for more information.

More Info

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