Student Projects

Some History majors, like Moira O'Neill '09, choose to complete an Honors project on a topic of their interest.

Most or all of the work associated with an Honors project is done in the senior year, though it may be begun earlier, and culminates in a research or critical paper or its counterpart in the creative arts.

Moira worked with an adviser, Professor Matt Kadane, on her Honors project, "Poison, Sorcery and Power in the Court of the Sun King."

Other History majors choose to enroll in an independent study course each semester, which requires them to actively engage in a research project.

Here's a recent sampling of independent research and Honors projects completed by History majors:

  • Thomas R. Hunter, "A History of Brewing," 2009.
    Professer Matt Kadane, Adviser
  • Anne M. Lindenhovius, "Fashion in Eighteenth-Century Britain," 2009.
    Professer Matt Kadane, Adviser
  • Laura Martin, "No Ordinary Dictator: An Examination of Yoweri Museveni and AIDS in Uganda," 2009.
    Professor Abou B. Bamba, Adviser
  • Megan A. Peterson, "Gendered Paths to Power? Women, Privilege and Politics in Two African Contexts," 2009.
    Professor Abou B. Bamba, Adviser
  • Daniel Giacomini, "Radical Religion in Upstate New York," 2008.
    Professer Matt Kadane, Adviser
  • Ryan L. McWalter, "Credit in Early Modern Europe," 2007.
    Professer Matt Kadane, Adviser
  • Stephen A. Teske, "Party Politics in Late-Seventeenth-Century Britain," 2006-07.
    Professer Matt Kadane, Adviser

Interdisciplinary Study

At HWS, students venture across traditional academic boundaries.

In addition to coursework within the History department, students also have the opportunity to get involved with the Colleges' interdisciplinary programs:

  • Africana and Latino Studies
  • American Studies
  • Asian Cultures and Languages
  • European Studies
  • Russian/Soviet Area Studies
  • Urban Studies
  • Women's Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • Architectural Studies
  • Public Policy


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