Whether it's interning in London, studying in Spain or doing research in Germany, most Hobart and William Smith students will have had some kind of international learning experience before they graduate.

With some planning, History majors can travel abroad and still graduate on time. While the Center for Global Education offers abroad programs on six continents, faculty from the History department sponsor programs in Hungary, Hong Kong, South Africa and the Czech Republic.

Budapest, Hungary

The Budapest program is based at Corvinus University, founded in 1948 and known as Karl Marx University until 1990. Its 10,000 students take courses in general economics, business administration, public administration, and social sciences. As Hungary's capital, Budapest is the administrative, business, educational and cultural center of the country. It is easy to live in with excellent public transportation systems; theaters, opera, concert halls, museums, and cinemas; thermal and medicinal baths; and a variety of restaurants and nightlife.

Lingnan, Hong Kong

The Lingnan University exchange program seeks to provide students with quality education distinguished by the best liberal arts traditions from both East and West. It adopts a whole-person approach to education, teaching students to think, judge, care and act responsibly in the constantly changing circumstances of life in Hong Kong, the region and the world. The university is officially "bilingual" with the majority of classes offered in English to both its international and Chinese students.

South Africa

As part of the South Africa program, students will reside and attend classes at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN), located in the suburban neighborhood of Scottsville, about a 20-minute walk from city center. Students who are interested in service-learning can readily find opportunities to work alongside South African peers to assist local community-based organizations.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Prague program is based at Charles University, the oldest university in Central Europe, founded in 1348. Each study abroad student is assigned to a Czech 'student buddy' upon arrival to help with social and cultural integration. The city of Prague has a rich musical heritage, varied cultural activities and numerous sites of architectural beauty. Escaping the destruction of 20th century bombings, the urban design of Prague remains much as it looked in the 15th century. In addition to exploring the joys of 'tourist' Prague, study abroad students have a unique opportunity to enjoy the social and cultural amenities offered by a modern, dynamic city of approximately 1.2 million.


At HWS, students have the freedom to study at any of our Global Education destinations.

The featured abroad programs are recommended by the History department based on content of the curricula.


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