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Adam Raffa

Adam Raffa '06

Wondering what to do with a major in History? Listed below are some career choices of just a few HWS History majors.

Philipp Flammer '09 is pursuing a MA in German history at Heidelberg University.

Adam Raffa '06 is an insurance broker for the DeWitt Stern Group in New York City.

Stephen Teske '06 is pursuing a PhD in early modern British history at the University of California, Riverside.

Brennan Coon '02 teaches history at Fairport High School, in suburban Rochester, NY.

Bethany Rufner '96 is an urban planner in New York City.

Nat Lambright '95 is a labor lawyer in Albany.

Susan Burgess '94 initiated Habitat for Humanity's program in Macon County, Georgia. She is responsible for building three houses for poor families there. She is now a public interest lawyer in Atlanta.

Jennifer Macauley '93 received her master's degree in Latin American history from Cornell University. She is now working in Washington, D.C. for the Corporate Executive Board, a firm that conducts strategic research for Fortune 500 companies.

Patrick Mangon '93 has served as Al Pacino's bodyguard and as a production assistant for Woody Allen.

James O'Leary '93 is a reporter for an English-language business newspaper in Budapest, covering financial issues throughout eastern Europe.

Roger Schwartz '93 took up a clerkship on the Federal Appeals Court after graduating from University of Chicago law school. He is now a lawyer in New York City.

David Kenney '92 is a political consultant at Monaghan Associates, in Denver. He was head campaign manager for Denver Mayor Wellington Webb.

Amy Stevens '91 is a graduate student in American history at Boston College. Her PhD dissertation examines the role of women in the civil rights and antiwar protests of the 1960s.

Algrin Flowers '91 teaches high school in New York City.

Brian Sales '89 is executive director of St. Barnabas House, a youth counseling center in Syracuse.

Guy van Arsdale '84 is a varsity lacrosse coach at R.I.T.

Holman Jenkins '84 earned a graduate degree in journalism from Northwestern and is a syndicated columnist and features writer for the Washington Times.

Alison Shutt '83 received a PHD in African history from UCLA in 1995. She's a history professor at Hendrix College, in Arkansas.

Laura Sydell '83 is a radio journalist for National Public Radio.

Bill Whitaker '73 is a correspondent for CBS News.

Marjorie Blum '65 is a managing editor of Facts on File.

Mark Jacobs '65 earned a PhD in history and then served in the Foreign Service.

Mara O'Laughlin '66 is assistant vice president for the Performing Arts Initiative at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Charles L. Stinger '66 earned a Ph.D. from Stanford in 1971 and is now professor of history at SUNY Buffalo. He is the author of The Renaissance in Rome.



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