Health Professions

Health Professions Advisory Committee

Health Professions Advisory Committee

At HWS, we have a well-developed Health Professions Office to help assist students prepare for courses in health professions. The Health Professions Office at HWS is comprised of two advisers, Scott MacPhail in career services and Professor Justin Miller in the chemistry department, and a Health Professions Advisory Committee.

The office's mission is to advise both undergraduates and alumni/ae regarding all aspects of the admission process to professional schools in health services. Career Services is largely responsible for placing students in internships, addressing questions about professional options in health care, and assisting students with the application process for professional schools. The faculty adviser can help students interpret the academic requirements of particular professional schools and choose the appropriate course work at HWS. In addition to advising students interested in health professions, the commmittee pre-reviews applicants for dental, medical and veterinary school.

The Health Professions office provides clinical internships, competency skill training, and community service experiences. The office assists applicants by editing resumes and personal statements, scheduling “Test Drives” for admission tests, holding workshops to review application services and by conducting mock interviews.

Justin Miller - Health Professions Chair

Chemistry Dept.
(315) 781-3884

Justin Miller

Scott MacPhail - Health Professions Counselor

Salisbury Center for Career Services
208 Trinity Hall
(315) 781-3514

Scott MacPhail

Health Professions Advisory Committee


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