John Henry Hobart Day - August

In honor of Episcopal Bishop John Henry Hobart, John Henry Hobart Day is the opening day ceremony, held usually on the evening prior to the first day of fall semester classes.

The ceremony is marked by the reading, serially, of the names of every new matriculant to the College. The assembly is addressed by the President of Hobart and William Smith, the President of Hobart Student Association, a representative from the Druid Society, Hobart's Director of Alumni Relations and the Dean of Hobart College.

Benjamin Hale Dinner - April

The Benjamin Hale Dinner honors outstanding academic achievement and social contributions to Hobart College. It brings together students and distinguished alumni to recognize the best of Hobart's traditions and achievements. Departmental awards in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences are presented at the dinner.

Charter Day - April

One of the year’s largest celebrations, Charter Day is held in the spring to commemorate the granting of Hobart's charter by the State of New York on April 10, 1822.

Awards are given to Hobart students in recognition of their academic achievements, community service and leadership, and new members of the Orange Key, Chimera and Druid societies are honored. 

Hobart Launch - May

Initiated in 2004, Launch is an annual event to officially welcome soon-to-be Hobart graduates into the Alumni Association. Each member of the class is given a paddle to remind them of their connection to Seneca Lake and their alma mater, and the promise of a reciprocal lifelong bond.


Written in 1876 by Hobart alumnus Edward J. Cook and set to music by Professor Charles J. Rose in 1895, the alma mater closes every formal meeting of Hobart College.

Evermore thy sons shall be, Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart
Champions bold of liberty, Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart;
Ever shall thy champions prove, filled with brave unchanging love,
Lifting souls to heights above, Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart.

Raise the orange and purple high,
Let us shame them never,
Shout the triumph to the sky,
"Hip Hobart, forever!"

Evermore thy fame shall last, Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart,
Glorious still as in the past, Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart;
With a faith and courage strong, battling e'er against the wrong,
Honors great to thee belong, Hip Hobart, my Hip Hobart.

Raise the orange and purple high,
Let us shame them never,
Shout the triumph to the sky,
"Hip Hobart, forever!"


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