Druid Society

The senior class honor society was founded in 1903. The Druid Society works to further the ideals of the College by promoting the values of character, loyalty and leadership. While “druid” refers to a legendary ancient Celtic priesthood in Irish and Welsh sagas, the Druids at Hobart College today are the guardians of Hobart tradition and advise the Dean of the College on matters relating to the Hobart heritage. The Druids also have taken on a new role recently, in which they preside over the Hobart Student Government election to ensure accuracy.

2018-19 Members

Denzel A. Degollado
Magdy N. Gad
Kevin Goltz
Alexander D. Kerai
Sergio D. Perez
Jonah K. Salita
Jonas Toupal


The junior class honor society is represented by a figure from Greek mythology featuring a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a serpent’s tail. Chimera Society members are chosen on the basis of character, loyalty and leadership. In addition to their academic accomplishments, they are involved in the Hobart and greater Geneva community, and serve as role models for their classmates. They also serve as ushers at the Matriculation ceremony for the entering first-year class.

2018-19 Members

Hamden Ahmad
Samuel A. Allen
Joshua N. Andrews
Tanner J. Arnold
Matthew R. Burnett
Alexander T. Cottrell
Samuel S. Eaton
Grant A.J. Emerson
Jason B. Feinberg
William G. Fletcher
Edens D. Fleurizard
Kieran E. Keane
Joshua G. Wasserman

Orange Key

The sophomore class honor society draws its name from one of the Hobart College colors and one of the symbols on the Hobart College seal (the key symbolizes knowledge). The Orange Key society recognizes promising rising sophomores who have been campus leaders in their first year. They are also selected on the basis of character, loyalty and leadership. The Orange Key society members serve as ushers at the Matriculation ceremony for the entering first-year class.

2018-19 Members:

Walker S. Anderson
Kaloyan E. Byanov
Clifford C. Blanchard
Aman J. Cumberbatch
Steven E. D’Alterio
Albright R. Dwarka
Thomas S. Greenspon
Maxwell W. Ha>rris
Jobed Hilaire
Joshua K. Hylkema
Jack P. Indritz
Jackson Lesure
Russell P. Payne
Alec C. Robitaille
Andrew W. Schrader
Kels P. Vedeer
Bartolomeo P. Voto


Each year, current members of each honor society invite new members to join. Typically, those students selected are highly visible within the community as student leaders.

For more information about joining the societies, contact the Hobart Dean’s Office at (315) 781-3300.

Hobart College Dean's List Fall Semester 2018

Hobart Dean's Council Members

Michael Bamah '22
Michael Baroody '21
Quentin Birch '21
Alexander Carioty '19
Albright Dwarka '21
Owen Feider-Sullivan '21
Matthew Fox '19
Zane Piedmont-Lang '21
Donoldo Reyes '21
Gib Shea '22
Connor Solomon '20
Christopher Williams '19

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