German Area Studies

Individual Majors


Some German area studies students at HWS choose to study German more intently by designing an individual major in the discipline. Below is a sampling of some of the students who have created individual majors in German area studies:

  • Travis Crocker '16
  • Ingrid Dehler-Seter '16
  • Mallory Mcaninch '16
  • Barrett Percival '16
  • Nicholas Baranco '08
  • Colleen Franz Christman '04
  • Erika Clement '08
  • Erin Cunningham '10
  • Taylor Raufus '11
  • Lelde Taimina
  • Laura Valdmanis '10


Independent Studies


Gravestone of Georg Büchner
on Germaniahügel in Zürich-Oberstrass

Some students choose to work on a special project or explore topics and materials that are not covered in regular coursework by enrolling in an independent study with a faculty member. Below is a sampling of some of the independent studies completed by German students in the last few semesters:

  • Literature and Nationhood: Thomas Mann and Hermann Hesse
  • Post-war German Culture
  • German for Reading Knowledge
  • Georg Büchner
  • German Romanticism


More Info

For information on internship opportunities for German area studies majors:

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