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The study of geoscience provides strong preparation for a variety of careers in government, industry and education. Our students work in natural resource management, environmental law, secondary education, science journalism, and research. Geoscience alums occupy fields as traditional as exploration geology for major petroleum companies to fields as far removed from geoscience as finance and marketing. Most Geoscience alumni/ae follow careers in one of four broad categories: (1) education, (2) environmental consulting, (3) scientific research or related fields, and (4) non-scientific careers. The chart below identifies major career paths for our graduates since 1975.

Pie Chart



Matt Lamanna '97

Geoscience and Biology double major
Assistant Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh

Matt Lamanna '97

"Three years after gradating from HWS, I traveled to the Sahara Desert with a team that uncovered one of the largest animals ever to walk the earth – the giant sauropod dinosaur Paralititan stromeri. An long-necked plant eater, with a length of 80-plus feet and a weight of 50 tons! Currently, I work as the assistant curator of the vertebrate paleontology at Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, where I oversee one of the top five dinosaur collections in the world. I am also the lead scientific adviser on the exhibit Dinosaurs in their world."


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