Stephen W. Woodworth ’54 Fisher Center Summer Fellows

The Stephen W. Woodworth ’54 Fisher Center Student Summer Fellowship offers students in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine and Performing Arts an opportunity to pursue their own academic projects over the summer. While the type of research or project is wide open to fields such as English, Dance, Religious Studies, History, Education, Art, Sociology, Women’s Studies, Lesbian and Gay Studies, and so on, the work must reflect The Fisher Center’s mission of social justice around issues of gender, race, and class.

2019-20 Fellows

Mercy Sherman

Willa Dow

Sky Morgan

2018-19 Fellows

Yamileth Cedeno

Jean-Luc Shyaka

Yalemwork Teferra

2017-18 Fellows

Pamela Icyeza

Andrew Scammel

Bradley Stewart

Shaahida Samuel

Dylan Bennett

2013-14 Woodworth Summer Fellow

Georgia Decker '15
Georgia Decker is currently working at the Laundry Workers Center, a non-profit that empowers immigrant workers and communities in New York City through organizing, community development, and workplace justice campaigns. Her project is based on the intersections of gender, culture, and the home as they relate to labor organization and radicalization. Some of the questions she asks are: In what ways is radicalization a gendered process? In what ways do the roles workers play reflect class, race or gender? Does the replication of traditional women's work (such as cooking and cleaning) in the workplace open up new political possibilities by making visible and collectivizing the kind of work in which women historically participate, or does it further disguise the ways in which women’s labor is co-opted by capitalism?

Decker will present her findings to the HWS community in the spring semester of the 2013-2014 year. Decker, class of 2015, is a critical social studies major with a minor in sociology. Throughout her time at the Laundry Workers Center, Hannah Dickinson, assistant professor of writing and rhetoric, will be her faculty adviser for the fellowship.

2012 Woodworth Summer Fellow

Jiangtao Gu '13
Jiangtao Gu is studying homosexuality in China through extensive research and interviews. His research will explore various questions: “What characteristics are unique to the Chinese gay identity due to the influences of traditional Chinese culture? What roles do newly created classes and Western influences play in shaping the landscape of China’s gay identity? What are the most effective advocacy strategies based on China’s unique conditions? How should we enact new forms of activism and social justice movements?”

Gu will present the outcomes of his research to the HWS community in the fall 2013 semester. Associate Professor of Asian Studies and Languages James-Henry Holland is serving as Gu’s faculty advisor.

2011 Woodworth Summer Fellow

Lucia Berliner '12
Lucia Berliner completed “We Feed a lot of People,” a documentary film about local farming, food security and social justice issues in the Finger Lakes region. Specifically, Berliner's film explored Healthy Food for All, a non-profit organization dedicated to stabilizing organic food security for low-income families. The film and Berliner’s post-discussion talk discussed the need for change within the US food system and the solution that Healthy Food for All offers. Berliner’s film was presented to the HWS Community on March 14, 2011 as a part of the Fisher Center’s lecture series Digesting Gender: The Politics of Food.

Outside of the classroom, Media & Society/Psychology major Lucia Berliner '12, planned socially conscious events and programs on campus such as ArtFest, a Japan relief fundraiser, and EcoFusion, a free after school program designed to connect middle school children to various facets of environmental stewardship. A lifelong Hudson River activist, Berliner was born and raised in the Hudson Valley where she has always been fortunate enough to have access to healthy local foods, a goal she hopes to help make a reality for all people.

Woodworth Fellows work closely with a faculty advisor as they design, conduct, and present their research projects. Berliner received guided leadership and support from Leah Shafer, assistant professor of Media and Society.



The Stephen W. Woodworth '54 Fisher Center Student Summer Fellowship offers students in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine and Performing Arts an opportunity to pursue their own academic projects over the summer.

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