Student Publications

Thel Literary and Art Magazine

Thel Literary and Art Magazine provides an outlet for HWS student artists and writers. The bi-annual, student-run publication features some of the finest poetry, photography, visual art and short stories being created by HWS students. For more information, contact Karl Parker, faculty adviser and assistant professor of English, at Parker@hws.edu.

The Herald

The Herald is the Colleges' student-run newspaper, which provides the HWS campus with a weekly student's-eye-view on national politics, campus organizations, arts and entertainment, HWS athletics and much more. For more information, contact Shena Vagliano '10, Herald editor, at Shena.Vagliano@hws.edu.

The Martini

The Martini is the HWS alternative weekly newspaper, featuring a witty and critical look at music, politics and social issues on both the Colleges' campus and on the national level.

Road Zines

Road Zines are one of the latest publications on the HWS campus. Sponsored by the Center for Global Education, Road Zines fund students who are abroad to further their travels in a given country, providing them with the content for a magazine that creatively displays their trip. For more information, contact Doug Reilly, Center for Global Education Program Coordinator, at dreilly@hws.edu.

The Aleph

The Aleph is a journal that expresses global perspectives by conveying the insights of HWS and Union College students who studied abroad in joint programs as well as international and exchange students from both campuses. The journal is sponsored by the Hobart and William Smith Colleges and Union College Partnership for Global Education. For more information, contact Doug Reilly, Center for Global Education Program Coordinator, at dreilly@hws.edu.

The Monthly Visitor

The Monthly Visitor is a new magazine on campus and is sponsored by the Women's Studies Department. This publication takes on difficult issues related to gender, feminism and the many related socio-political issues. For more information, contact student editors Katie Levenstein '12 at katherine.levenstein@hws.edu or Jess McCue at jess.mccue@hws.edu.

Telling Our Stories

Telling Our Stories will have its first yearly issue released in spring 2009, publishing art and writing by students, faculty and staff that responds to a range of themes related to social justice. For its first issue, the journal will address the theme of gender and social justice, calling attention to the dynamics of gender that are all around us. For more information, contact Lauren Alleyne, faculty adviser and assistant professor of English, at Alleyne@hws.edu.

Echo & Pine

Echo & Pine is the Colleges' yearbook, which features the graduating classes, campus organizations, athletic teams and faculty and displays each year at Hobart and William Smith. For more information, contact Kim Kochin, Student Activities associate director, at Kochin@hws.edu.

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Thel, United and The Herald are campus publications that may be of interest to students studying English.

For more information about these organizations or to learn about starting your own English-themed club, contact Cully Seamans (seamans@hws.edu) in the Office of Student Activities.



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