The Teacher Education Programs at HWS emphasize the importance of learning to teach by teaching. For four semesters, usually during the sophomore and junior years, students spend three to four hours in school classrooms every week.

By the time students reach the student teaching semester their senior year, they have already logged around 200 hours of classroom work experience! Not only have students spent time in four different classrooms, they have worked with a variety of teachers and have had the opportunity to think about teaching and learning in real settings.

During the senior year, students spend an entire semester working in a classroom under the direction of a classroom cooperating teacher and an Education Department faculty member.

Listed below are some of the schools in which we place our students:

Canandaigua Academy, Canandaigua, NY
Canandaigua Middle School, Canandaigua, NY
St. Mary's School, Canandaigua, NY
Midlakes Intermediate School, Clifton Springs, NY
Midlakes High School, Clifton Springs, NY
Midlakes Educational Center, Clifton Springs, NY
North Street Elementary School, Geneva, NY
West Street Elementary School, Geneva, NY
Geneva Middle School, Geneva, NY
Geneva High School, Geneva, NY
St. Stephen - St. Francis School, Geneva, NY
DeSales High School, Geneva, NY
Gorham Elementary School, Gorham, NY
Lyons Elementary School, Lyons, NY
Lyons Middle School/High School, Lyons, NY
Lyons Middle/High School, Lyons, NY
Penn Yan Elementary School, Penn Yan, NY
Penn Yan Middle School, Penn Yan, NY
Penn Yan Academy, Penn Yan, NY
Romulus Elementary School, Romulus, NY
Romulus Jr./Sr. High School, Romulus, NY
Middlesex Valley Elementary School, Rushville, NY
Marcus Whitman Middle School, Rushville, NY
Marcus Whitman High School, Rushville, NY
Cady Stanton Elementary School, Seneca Falls, NY
Frank Knight Elementary School, Seneca Falls, NY
Seneca Falls Middle School, Seneca Falls, NY
Mynderse Academy, Seneca Falls, NY
Skoi Yase Primary School, Waterloo, NY
Main Street Elementary School, Waterloo, NY
LaFayette Intermediate School, Waterloo, NY
Waterloo Middle School, Waterloo, NY
Waterloo High School, Waterloo, NY


A Unique Advantage

When school superintendents and hiring committees read HWS students' resumes, they are impressed with the number and variety of school experiences our students have had.

While field experiences are a crucial part of preparing students to be excellent teachers, they also give HWS students a unique advantage as they seek employment.


Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.