Hobart and William Smith Colleges
The Davis Gallery at Houghton House


Alysia Kaplan and Ashwin Manthripragada
January 31 - February 26, 2020
Reception: January 31 and February 26 | 5-7 pm
The Solarium Gallery at Houghton House

In d(ov)etail two found worlds interlock: a box of a stranger's slides and a box of discarded books. Travel images sliced then spliced, prose slit then knit, these discards give birth (ov) in fragmentation, assemblage, sequence and accident. This installation of slide projection, newspaper, and website-an amalgamation and culmination of three separate installations-emphasizes cultural production bound to media temporality. The various stages of interlocking also obfuscate cultural heritage in favor of non-linear conjunction of different times. From this: a tension between what we dream (idealistically easy borderless futures) and the semantic limits of those dreams (pragmatic bounded histories).

Image: d(ov)etail (2019)



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