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Housed in Winn Seeley Gymnasium, the Dance Department has a large, light-filled dance studio with a sprung floor, mirrors, barres and conditioning equipment. Adjacent to the dance studio is our performance space, a converted gym-theater with a full complement of lighting instruments, marley floor, sprung floor, and generous stage dimensions that provides an intimate viewing and performing venue.


Lighting design allows for artistic effect and helps to create an environment that supports the style of the performance on stage.


Sound design covers all non-compositional elements of a theatrical production and involves manipulating audio elements to achieve a desired effect.


Staging is the process of selecting, designing, adapting and modifying the performance space for a production and includes using the structure of the stage as well as its components.

General Information

The performance space is set up for each event in the gymnasium or the Winn-Seeley building. Therefore the dance floor is laid directly on the gymnasium floor; there is no elevation.

The performance space is separated from the public space by a soft proscenium arch created by a black leg/teaser combination that stretches from one wall to its opposite along the longitudinal median of the gymnasium. The proscenium opening is 38' wide by12' high.

Upstage of the proscenium, the danceable area is approximately 35' wide by 30' deep, backed by a black scrim. Approximately 4' US of the scrim hangs a white cyclorama, which can be revealed by opening the scrim on its traveler.

There are 4 wings on either side, approximately 6'-6" wide. There is also a crossover US of the cyc.

All pipes are dead hung from the rafters, trimmed at approximately 20'-0" above the deck.

Access to the backstage area is provided via passageway from the dressing area to off stage right. Load in is limited to the size of standard double doors.

The audience is arranged on portable risers and seating which is erected opposite the proscenium opening. The seating is about as wide as the opening, and comes to within 10' of the plaster line. Please note that our audiences are also accustomed to floor sitting and may be considerably closer tan the seating indicates.

Production Equipment

Lighting Instruments

8 - Par56 wfl 500w
8 - Par56 nsp 500w
5 - Par56 msp 500w (down special)
6 - 8" Fresnel 1kw
4 - 6" Fresnel 500w
6 - 4.5 x 6.5 ERS 750w (Gobo)
6 - ETC S450 575w (Gobo)
24 - 6 x 9 ERS 575w (on booms)
2 - 6 x 9 ERS 575w (hx601)
18 - 6 x 12 ERS 750w (high sides)
12 - ETC S436 575w (FOH)
2 - ETC S419 With Elipscan units 575w (motorized mirrors)
4 - BroadCyc 3 color 12,000w

All instruments are 3-pin stage connector, w/ color frame, C-clamp and safety. Focussing instruments have 4 way shutters. There is one iris available for a S4 unit.

Lighting Control

ETC Insight 3 Dimmer Controller w/ effects, macro and full programming capabilities, disc drive and color monitor.

84 2.4kw Dimmers (48 LMI, 36 ECT Sensor)

Note: Default channel assignment is standard. One dimmer (usually 84) must be reserved for house light control.


4- station (1 @ powerpack) Clear-com single muff


2 - speakers (@ US corners, behind scrim & cyc)
EV System 2000 12" Woofer,1.5 crossover self power sub woofers
2 - Crest CA6 Amps
EV System 2000 crossover
Rane Mojo EQ M302 31 band
Macke 1402 Mixer (4 Mic ins, 4 stereo ins)
Cassette Deck
CD deck
Note : mini disk NOT available!


6 - 5' - 6" x 40'panels of Rosco flooring (Marley) black/grey (Black side standard). Assorted panels for wings.

Soft Goods

8 - 12'x 20' Black Legs
5 - 16'x 20' Black Legs (used to frame proscenium)
1 - 8' x 36' Black Teaser
1 - 40'x x20' Black sharkstooth scrim w/ pocket chain
1 - 40'x x20' Cyclorama, natural white muslin w/ pocket pipe

Note: all softgoods are deadhung except scrim, which hangs on a traveler track. It can be opened left or right.


More Info

View the Rep Plot (pdf)

Magic Sheet (pdf)

For additional technical information about performance spaces, please contact:

Mark Wenderlich
Lighting Designer and Technical Director
(315) 521-1876




Hobart and William Smith Colleges,
Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 781-3000

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