Mindfulness, Movement and Social Engagement

Davenport FSEM 131In Professor of Dance Donna Davenport’s first-year seminar “The Mindful Body,” students explore the facets of mindfulness — including integrity, gratitude and acceptance — against an interdisciplinary backdrop that includes…
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Inspiring Voters with Art and Dance

Davenport-00005In advance of Election Day 2018, the Rochester-based Artists Coalition for Change Together, co-founded by HWS Professor of Dance and Department Chair Donna Davenport, teamed up with the University of…
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Studying in Barnaul, Russia

The HWS Barnaul group in front of the city signAmong the western plains of Siberia is the thriving city of Barnaul, Russia. Situated close to the border of Kazakhstan, the city is an industrial, cultural and educational center home…
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Faculty Form Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness CohortA new interdisciplinary faculty group hopes to employ the practice of mindfulness ​to help students, staff and faculty stay grounded and lessen anxiety and stress. “Management of stress is especially critical for college students,” writes Associate…
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Koshare 2018

Koshare 1The annual Koshare dance performance will light up the stage this weekend at the Smith Opera House. Performances will begin at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and will showcase…
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