Academic Service-Learning - community service connected to academics - is an integral part of Hobart and William Smith Colleges' view of a liberal arts education. The liberal arts and education through public service share the goal of developing the basis for effective democratic citizenship. At HWS, what's discussed in the classroom is applied to the "real world." An extra dimension is added when students see economic theory played out in a local program, when sociological hypotheses crystallize before their eyes through the work of community agencies.

Through the service experience, students gain a better understanding of the human community, as well as of our particular society, in a way that is more complex and involved than readings and class discussions alone. In addition, community involvement can lead students to a better understanding of themselves.

In the public service program, service-learning may be used in the teaching of many different subject areas.

The Minor in Public Service is an interdisciplinary minor built upon courses that include a service-learning component. This consists of five classes with certain required classes and distribution requirements and a culminating service experience in a senior seminar or independent study. More than 20 courses at Hobart and William Smith are part of this service-learning program. These courses are offered in a variety of disciplines, including economics, education, religious studies, sociology, philosophy and political science. While courses change yearly, a listing of past courses is available.

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