The transition to college is an exciting time, filled with opportunity. It can also have its challenges—both personally and academically. As you begin your undergraduate journey, we offer a comprehensive Orientation program to welcome you to the intellectual community at HWS and help turn all those new faces into new friends.

Students here take four courses per semester. Prior to arriving in the fall, you'll have selected your courses for the first semester, and one of those courses will be a First-Year Seminar.

These small classes have been developed as a way for you to meet others with similar academic interests and to adjust to college-level work. The seminar topics vary each year, as do the professors who teach them, so the classroom discussions are always fresh and interesting.

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First Person Singular
Pin-Ups, Princesses and Femme-Fatales
Britpop: From Beatles to Brexit
Violence in the Sea of Faith
Genocide and the Modern Age
Monkeys, Morality & the Mind
The Art of the Hoax
The Origins of Music
Interrogating Race in the US & South Africa
Performing America
Cultures Conflict: Russia and the West
Alcohol in College: Myth and Reality
Sustainable Living & Learning
The History of Everything
Drawn to Nature
Thinking and Creating
Golf Course Architecture
From Comix to Graphix
Education, Justice, & Happiness
Paris, Je T'Aime
Wilderness and the Wild
The Lens of Stand-up Comedy
Parched: Past, Present and Future of Water
Einstein, Relativity, and Time
Critiquing the Classroom
Comparative Mythology
Out of Character
Demystifying Disability
Encountering Difference
Miracle Drugs
Climate Change: Science and Politics
Gentlemen Prefer Bombs & Drone
Eat Like a Slav: Russian Food and Culture
Leadership in the Ancient World
Build your own Westeros

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