This Catalogue has been prepared for the benefit of students, faculty and administrators of the Colleges and others wishing to know more about the Colleges’ programs and activities.

This Catalogue is the primary reference for information about the curriculum, academic policies, majors and minors and courses.

The table of contents is linked to the appropriate places in the document files.

2006-2008 Catalogue Cover

Pages 1 - 68: Academic Calendars, About the Colleges, The Campus, The Curriculum, Academic Policies, Off-Campus Study, Honors and Awards, Student Life, Admissions and Financial Aid

Pages 69-165: Courses of Instruction, First Year Seminars, Bidisciplinary Courses, Aesthetics, Africana Studies, American Studies, Anthropology and Sociology, Architectural Studies, Art, Arts and Education, Asian Languages and Cultures, Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation, Biology, Chemistry, Child Advocacy, Chinese, Classics, Cognition, Logic, and Language, Comparative Literature, Critical Social Studies, Dance, Development Studies, Economics, Education

Pages 166-225: English and Comparative Literature, Environmental Studies, European Studies, Fisher Center, French and Francophone Studies, Geoscience, German Area Studies, The Good Society, History, Holocaust Studies, International Relations, Japanese, Latin American Studies, Law and Society, Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Studies, Mathematics and Computer Science

Pages 226-305: Media and Society, Men’s Studies, Music, Peace Studies, Peer Education in Human Relations, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Policy Studies, Public Service, Religious Studies, Russian Area Studies, The Sacred in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Self-Instructional Language Program, Sociology, Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Theatre, Urban Studies, Women’s Studies, Writing and Rhetoric, Writing Colleagues, Course Codes

Pages 306-358: Board of Trustees, Honorary Trustees, Faculty, Administration, Faculty and Administration Emeriti, Student Geographical Distribution, Endowed Funds and Awards, Scholarships and Loan Programs, Appendix A, Index

2004-2006 CATALOGUE

Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.