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Writing the Academic Paper
Understanding Assignments
Considering Structure and Organization
Grammar and Style
Working with Topics
Developing Your Thesis
Writing Tips: Audience
Thesis Statements
Introductions (PDF)
Handout on Introductions (PDF)
Paragraph Development
Body Paragraphs
Writing a Topic Sentence
Introductions and Conclusions            
Five Editing Principals
Proofreading Tips
Attending to Style

Writing for Different Disciplines
Argumentation - Writing an Argument
Argumentation - Argument
Art - Art History
Art - Writing the Art History Major
Business - Business Writing
Communications - Writing for Communications Studies
English - Writing Critical Reviews
Film - Writing About Film
History - Writing about Art History
History - Writing the Art History Major
History - Writing About History
History - Writing the History Paper
Literature - Writing Papers About Literature
Literature - Literature Papers
Literature - Writing About Literature
Music - Writing the Music Paper
Philosophy - Writing Philosophy Papers
Poetry - Poetry Explications
Poetry - Reading Poetry
Politics - Writing in Political Science
Religion - Writing the Religion Paper
Science - Writing About the Sciences
Science - Science Writing
Science - Planning a Poster Session
Science - Scientific Reports
Sociology - Writing Sociology
Sociology - Writing the Sociology Paper
Speeches - Create an Effective Speech
Summaries - Writing Summaries
Summaries - Summarizing and Responding to Text
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Peer Tutor Resources

The Penn State Undergraduate Writing Center Handbook for Peer Tutors

Addressing Specific Problems
Developing your Thesis
Planning (Invention)
Developing a Thesis Statement
The Paragraph
E.B. White's The Elements of Style Online
Grammar and Punctuation
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General Tutor Information
The International Writing Center Association
Writing Lab Newsletter
Some Questions to Ask When Critiquing a Presentation


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ESOL Sessions
ESOL Students and Teachers
Database of ESOL books about teaching ESOL


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