Study Tables' Perspectives on the 4 CORNERSTONES

Engage: “STs give students the skills they need to engage with material and learn on their own.”

Accomplish: “Students share study methods with others to come to an understanding of material.”

Empower: “STs encourage students not to drop hard classes and to stick them out to the end.”

Enrich: “STs help students expand and deepen their knowledge.”

General Information

WHAT WE ARE: Study Tables are group sessions led by faculty-nominated student facilitators where students can access small-group learning support.

WHAT WE DO: Study Tables provide content-based support to students who wish to improve their understanding in a particular course. Study Table facilitators help students take control of their learning. They guide students’ learning through questioning and with a group process, and maintain contact with course professors throughout the semester.

WHEN AND WHERE TO FIND US: Study Table establish regular weekly hours and a regular location that are posted on TutorTrac in the form of virtual tables containing 3-5 seats per session. Once a table has been established, students may sign up via TutorTrac using the link at the top right hand corner of this page.

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