The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) invites proposals from the faculty for projects that enhance teaching and learning at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. This grant opportunity is available for the Spring 2012 semester to support faculty teaching initiatives.

The CTL seeks proposals designed to creatively transform classroom or laboratory practice and expand opportunities for rigorous engagement with course content. Projects may include experiential learning, oral communications, collaborative learning, technology, cross-cultural or multicultural methodology, community based learning, curriculum development, critical thinking skills, or disciplinary writing. This is by no means an exhaustive list; the Committee welcomes any imaginative proposals aimed toward improving teaching and learning at HWS.

A two-page description of the project including; project goals, participants, assessment methods, budget, timeline, and any other relevant information. The proposal should include an abstract describing the project for use in communication materials. Proposals should address the following questions:

  • What are the goals and objectives for this project?
  • What is the intellectual merit of this project?
  • How many faculty, staff, and students will the project involve and ultimately affect?
  • How will you assess the impact on your teaching and/or student learning?
  • What are the broader impacts of this project?

Proposal Selection:
Proposals will be reviewed and selected by members of the CTL Advisory Committee and/or previous grant recipients.

For the Spring 2012 semester, the CTL has funding for 5 grants of up to $1500.00 each. Funds can be used for travel, consultants, materials, or other costs.

CTL Expectations:
Selected grantees will be expected to meet with other grantees at the CTL monthly during the semester to discuss their work and once prior to the spring semester. In addition, the CTL will have a forum for presenting work to the HWS community. We prefer proposals for courses being taught during spring 2012 semester.

Proposals are due Friday, October 28, 2011, by 5 p.m. Electronic submission sent to pliner@hws.edu—in the form of an attached Word file—preferred. Awards will be announced by the end of November.

Direct all correspondence to: Susan Pliner, x3354

These grants are made possible by the generous support of the Provost’s Office.

*Note -prior grant recipients’ final reports are available on the CTL Blackboard site.

Faculty Resources Bibliography

Download the Faculty Resources Bibliography (pdf).

Syllabus Sharing

Faculty will be able to share their syllabi with colleagues on the CTL Blackboard site. This will provide faculty members with an opportunity to see a variety of syllabi as they create and critique their own. If you would like to post your syllabus, contact Susan Hess (shess@hws.edu or x3787).

Senior Symposium

We would like you to mark your calendars early for the fourth annual Senior Symposium: April 13, 2012. Over 80 students and 40 faculty participated in the Senior Symposium this past spring; this year's symposium, again open to all HWS seniors and MAT students, will provide students with a venue to share and celebrate their independent projects, scholarly research, and intellectual passions. A large part of Senior Symposium success relies on faculty participation, in several different roles: first, seeking out students of promise and encouraging them to apply; second, sponsoring students by reviewing their applications and abstracts (all applications must have a faculty sponsor's signature); third, guiding applicants toward the abstract writing clinics and presentation workshops, as well as the sample abstracts available on the Senior Symposium website; fourth, using your expertise to help ensure high quality in the student's application and presentation. We will be calling for faculty willing to facilitate abstract and presentation workshops, as so many faculty were kind enough to do this past spring. Faculty, we especially welcome your involvement and expertise for the abstract and presentation workshops offered by the CTL. Contact Ruth Shields (shields@hws.edu or x3959).

Weekly Teaching Tips

CTL will be continuing our Weekly Teaching Tips series, designed to provide the HWS faculty with food for thought, and focused on engaging faculty in facilitating learning. We hope that these tips will assist faculty in becoming better connected to their practice and in helping students become better learners. Interested faculty can continue exploring Teaching Tips ideas in conversation on the Weekly Teaching Tips Blackboard site. If you would like more information, contact Ruth Shields (shields@hws.edu or x3959).

Passion Into Practice

During these informal gatherings, faculty have presented and facilitated discussion on relevant pedagogical topics. CTL is planning three sessions this semester, topics and dates to be announced. To learn more about these events, please visit upcoming events. Contact Susan Pliner (pliner@hws.edu or x3354) for more information.

Individual Consultation

These customized, confidential sessions, available throughout the year, help faculty study their own teaching, assess their current teaching practice, and develop new strategies for improving learning. Please contact Susan Pliner (pliner@hws.edu or x3354).

Mid-Semester Teaching and Learning Evaluations

CTL provides a confidential, small group instructional diagnosis session to assess teaching and learning at the mid-point in a semester. Please contact Susan Pliner (pliner@hws.edu or x3354).

In-Class Workshops

CTL staff coordinate with faculty to tailor specific workshops to the needs of individual classes. Topics might include anything from effective skills for reading journal articles, to time management, to appropriate source use and avoiding plagiarism. Contact Susan Hess (shess@hws.edu or x3787) for writing-oriented workshops, Ruth Shields (shields@hws.edu or x3959) for oral presentation workshops, or Sam Vann (vann@hws.edu or x3060) for visits to class by CTL study mentors.

Support for First-Year Seminar Faculty

In addition to all the relevant CTL services above, the CTL in conjunction with both the Provost's office and the Learning Commons also offers specific services, workshops, and institutes to faculty teaching First-Year Seminars. Please contact Susan Hess at shess@hws.edu or 3787 for additional information.



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