Quantitative Reasoning Fellows

This program has been suspended for the 2018-19 academic year. Please contact the CTL for more information.

Who we are: The Q Fellows are peer facilitators who offer support in courses that require students to use quantitative reasoning, mathematical processing, and symbolic logic to be successful. They are generalists, trained to work with students on the mathematical reasoning necessary to understand the content in a variety of disciplines.

Maria Arias ’17, MAT ’18, Major: Math
Katie Consoli ’20, Major: Economics
Theresa Harvey ’18, Major: Biochemistry; Minor: Health Professions

What we do: The Q Fellows hold drop-in hours and offer support to students around a wide range of mathematical concepts, from Algebra refreshers to learning Calculus II concepts. Students come from many departments including Environmental Studies, Economics, Physics, and Psychology, for a variety of reasons; reviewing basic mathematical concepts, deciphering statistic methods, applications of Calculus and many others.

Where and When:
Sunday 5-7 pm at the Intercultural Affairs Center Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 7-9 pm in the Library’s Learning Studio 3



Basic Mathematical Concepts



Important Mathematic Relationships

Important Tools and Concepts

Logic Reasoning-Statements

Metric System


Useful Conversions

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Center for Teaching and Learning
Rosensweig Learning Commons, Library
Phone: (315) 781-3351
Fax: (315) 781-3862
Email: ctl@hws.edu


Fall 2017 Q Fellows Schedule



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