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Faculty Share: “Comic Conversations” by Hannah Dickinson & Maggie Werner
This past fall, students in our WRRH 100 and 305 completed “comic conversation” assignments in order to strengthen their engagement with scholarly sources by visualizing arguments with and among those sources. Using comic book software to present these imagined conversations, students practiced identifying arguments, citing sources, and entering into academic conversations.

Innovative Pedagogy: Flipped Classrooms by Susan Hess
What would happen if your classroom became a problem-solving studio?  Or if students debated their analyses of a case study every Tuesday, then presented their groups solution every Thursday?  These are the kinds of classes that might happen using the “flipped classroom” model.

Learner-Centered Teaching: A Faculty Institute Follow-up by Caitlin Caron
Learner-Centered teaching, the topic of Todd Zakrajsek’s January 22nd HWS Faculty Institute talk, was also the topic of a keynote address by Dr. Maryellen Weimer at Brockport University.  Weimer focused on 5 ways to make your teaching learner-centered, and on 5 ways to respond to student resistance to learner-centered teaching.

Writing in the Disciplines: An Interview with Felipe Rezende by Caitlin Caron
In an effort to enhance the Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing In the Disciplines work that we do on campus, the CTL Writing Fellows embarked on a project to create a series of discipline-specific resources that address common writing concerns and conventions within different disciplines.  Felipe Rezende, Assistant Professor of Economics, participated in the process of creating this resource.  This interview looks at the ways he plans to use it and how such disciplinary writing resources will impact writing at HWS. 


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