CTL Faculty E-Newsletter

A Note from the Director

Dear Colleagues,

This edition of the CTL newsletter is all about collaboration: between faculty as they support one another through innovations in their teaching (you’ll love Patricia Mowery’s insights on Open Teaching Week!); between Writing Fellows and students as they work to become stronger writers; between different parts of the HWS community as we learn how to support students with disabilities; and between our seniors as they gather to share their academic passions at Senior Symposium.

At CTL we hear over and over again from faculty how much they value the interdisciplinary conversations that are so common at HWS. I feel that Senior Symposium is an event that demonstrates how this focus on interdisciplinarity influences and enriches our students, and illustrates how our academic passions can be contagious. This year’s event is the largest yet, with 129 students participating in 31 panels. Please see our article A Moment of Pride for more, and join us on April 18th for the sixth annual Senior Symposium.


Susan M. Pliner, Ed.D.
Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning


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