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Senior Symposium: April 19th
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First Year Writing Prize Reception: April 12
Barbara Applebaum Visits Campus: April 22
Critical Thinking Workshop by the Faculty Learning Community: May 22

Orgo, Ergo Argue? Workshopping Writing in Organic Chemistry Labs by Susan Hess
I felt like I was looking at Elvis wearing earbuds—things that just shouldn’t go together. Couldn’t go together. But—unless my eyes and analysis were wrong, and my partner’s, too—together they were.

It had all started in a casual Common Room query one Friday Faculty lunch: why was it so hard for students to write good lab reports, and was there anything I thought might help?

Practice Exams and Econ 160 Grades: Using Teaching Fellows in a New Way by Ruth Shields
In Fall 2011, Instructor of Economics Jenny Tessendorf tried something new in Economics 160: before the first exam, she gave students a chance to work through an old test during class. “Bring your textbook, calculator, and notes,” she told them, and they worked in groups with her input for the entire class period. By the end of class, the students had completed only 40% of the test—and on exam day, there would be no textbook, no peer collaboration, and no professor to work through questions.

Spotlight on: Classroom Observation Methods in the Economics and Mathematics and Computer Science Departments by Erika L.C. King and Jo Beth Mertens
As a part of the partnership between CoFac and CTL to engage faculty in discussions about the colleague classroom observation process, here we highlight two department’s methods for involving all faculty in the classroom observation process.

Professional Props: A Project for Seniors in Architectural Studies by Kirin Makker
The Portfolio is a crucial component in the internship and graduate application process for anyone going into the design industry. More than a cumulative summary of work, this document presents an opportunity to establish a cohesive picture of the student that transcends individual projects and accomplishments.  Although not required for graduation, 80% of our architectural studies majors take the Portfolio studio course, ARCS 405, a senior level class offered each semester.

Mapping Our Way to Critical Thinking: Reading Strategies in the German Classroom by Eric Klaus
German 202 is a fourth-semester German class that aims to develop linguistic and cultural proficiency. A key component of cultural proficiency is cultural critical thinking – discovering and reflecting on common experiences and traditions that members of a group employ to create cultural products, practices, and perspectives.

Celebrating 5 Years of the Senior Symposium by Caitlin Caron
April 19th marks the 5th annual Senior Symposium. To celebrate, we asked HWS seniors, faculty, and alumni to reflect on the benefits of the experience, and the importance of having the HWS community attend student presentations.


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