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Senior Symposium: Friday, April 19th
Encourage your senior students to participate in this celebratory event.  Abstracts are due Wednesday, March 13.  Please contact Ruth Shields ( or x3959) if you are interested in moderating a panel or have any questions.

*NEW* CTL Website
We have redesigned our website and will be launching it in the coming semester.  Our new website will have easy-to-access resources for faculty including classroom observation, teaching, assessment, and more.

*NEW* CTL 4 Cornerstones
The CTL is unveiling a new framework of 4 cornerstones as a way to guide and define the work we do.  This new framework is based on feedback from our Student Advisory Board (SAB) who expressed that they struggle to understand how and why academic enrichment programs are useful for all students, even those who are not struggling academically.  After this initial conversation, we followed up with our SAB and met with our Lead Teaching Fellows and Writing Fellows to get some feedback about the 4 cornerstones and help us develop more specific articulations of each cornerstone.  Please read below for the results of these conversations:

As lifelong learners, we ENGAGE in our own learning processes in order to ACCOMPLISH the goals we set for ourselves and others set for us so that we can EMPOWER ourselves and others and ENRICH our lives as learners and teachers.

Create learning goals. Connect with the HWS learning environment. Understand yourself as a learner. Unlock potential. 

Commit to learning goals. Fulfill assignments and projects. Manage tasks.  Achieve academic proficiency.  Think critically.

Achieve learning goals.  Motivate yourself to take risks in learning. Realize your potential.

Transform learning goals.  Inspire others to innovate and create.  Deepen your commitment to learning in broader contexts. Share your knowledge. 

CTL Lending Library
The CTL has a wealth of resources on our shelves for faculty to borrow.  These resources address the following categories: teaching methodology and pedagogy, diversity and teaching, student learning, assessment, theory, and faculty career.  Please visit our Good Reads site for specific titles ( and stop by the CTL to check them out.

*NEW* Faculty Learning Communities
This semester the CTL has invited faculty to participate in two Learning Communities:

Teaching for Critical Thinking
Faculty in this Learning Community are reading Stephen Brookfield’s Teaching for Critical Thinking: Tools and Techniques to Help students Question Their Assumptions and discussing the text.  In addition, faculty will be participating in a workshop focused on integrating critical thinking into course design on May 22. 

Participants include:
Christine Chin, Assistant Professor of Art and Architecture
Emily Fisher, Assistant Professor of Psychology  
Jon Forde, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science  
Christina Houseworth, Assistant Professor of Economics
Khuram Hussain, Assistant Professor of Education
Eric Klaus, Associate Professor of German Area Studies
Robin Lewis, Luce Environmental Studies Postdoctoral Fellow
Jim MaKinster, Associate Professor of Education

Whiteness Theory and Critical Race Theory: Implications for Course Design and Pedagogical Stategies

Faculty in this Learning Community are reading Barbara Applebaum’s Being White, Being Good: White Complicity, White Moral Responsibility, and Social Justice Pedagogy and discussing the text.  In addition, faculty will develop a plan to share their work, thinking, and outcomes with HWS faculty colleagues. 

Participants include:
Chris Annear, Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Sociology  
Brien Ashdown, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Michelle Baron, Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies
Neeta Bhasin, Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric
Stephen Cope, Assistant Professor of English
Kendralin Freeman, Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Sociology
Keoka Grayson, Assistant Professor of Economics
Jessica Hayes-Conroy, Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies
James McCorkle, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies
Stacey Philbrick-Yadav, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Jason Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Sociology

Faculty Advisory Board
This fall, the CTL brought together a group of faculty to provide direction and guidance, identify issues of importance to the faculty for CTL attention, and review programming assessment.  In addition, the Faculty Advisory Board will assist with the development of resources and programs to support faculty throughout the career stages.

Faculty Advisory Board Members include:
Anna Creadick, Associate Professor of English
Brien Ashdown, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Mark Deutschlander, Associate Professor of Biology
Michelle Ikle, Associate Professor of Dance
Felipe Rezende, Assistant Professor of Economics
Leah Shafer, Assistant Professor of Media and Society
Khuram Hussain, Assistant Professor of Education
Stacey Philbrick Yadav, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Jim Ryan, Professor of Biology
Katie Flowers, Director of the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning

Classroom Observation Lunches
CoFac and CTL are working together to provide a series of learning opportunities around the new requirement for colleague teaching observations.  We’ve begun with a series of informal lunch discussions where faculty share their own experiences with observing colleagues and being observed, and where their audience can ask questions and trade insights into the process.

In our first lunch, hosted by Professor Julie Kingery, Associate Professor of Psychology, discussion topics ranged from the need to contextualize observations and to provide written feedback to the differences between formative and summative observation to a request for some workshops on observation and feedback techniques. 

All lunch discussions take place in the Common Room starting at 11:45 am and run through 1:00 pm.  Each lunch is open to up to 5 faculty participants.  Dates and featured speakers are below:

Charlie Temple - Monday, February 11
Darrin Magee - Tuesday, February 12
Leah Shafer - Wednesday, February 13
Jo Beth Mertens - Monday, February 18
Erika King - Monday, February 25

We extend our gratitude to all of the faculty facilitators of these lunches.  Our next newsletter will feature a synthesis of the dialogue generated from these meetings about classroom observation.

Spring 2013 Teaching Fellow Liaisons
In the Spring 2013 semester, the following faculty are serving as liaisons for the Teaching Fellows Program:
Anthropology/Sociology: Kendralin Freeman & Jason Rodriguez
Architectural Studies: Jeffrey Blankenship
Art History: Elena Ciletti
Biology: Patricia Mowery
Chemistry: Justin Miller & Alan van Giessen
Economics: Felipe Rezende
French and Francophone Studies: Thierry Torea
Philosophy: Greg Frost-Arnold
Physics: Ileana Dumitriu & Steve Penn
Psychology: Brien Ashdown
Spanish and Hispanic Studies: Fernando Rodriguez-Mansilla


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