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Senior Symposium 2009

A large part of Senior Symposium success relies on faculty participation, in several different roles:

First, seeking out students of promise and encouraging them to apply;

Second, sponsoring students by reviewing their applications and abstracts (to be accepted, all applications must have a faculty sponsor's signature);

Third, guiding applicants toward the abstract writing and presentation workshops, as well as the sample abstracts available on this website, and using their expertise and experience to help ensure high quality in the student's application and presentation;

Also, facilitating those workshops using that same expertise and experience;

Finally, moderating students' panel presentations on Symposium Day.

If you would like to volunteer to run an abstract writing or presentation workshop or if you have any questions about the student application process, please contact Ruth Shields at shields@hws.edu or x3959.


The 2021 Senior Symposium is Friday, April 16. Abstracts and registration are due Friday, March 12 at noon.

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